CRM4SURE provides highly flexible & widest-range of features with unmatched economy and speed.

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CRM4SURE has over 24 major capabilities to address the needs of any large as well as small/medium enterprise.

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Integrated platform for all functions including Sales, Customers Relationship, Service, Collections and Channels.

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CRM4SURE with it fluid technology can be custom-configured to cater to wide-range of industry-specific needs.

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More than 50% of the CRM implementations fail, and we have addressed ALL possible barriers to ensure an assured implementation and benefit out of CRM4Sure

Highly Flexible
Using our revolutionary fluid technology, you can custom-configure your own CRM as per your needs.

World-Class Features
With more than 18+ major capabilities you do not have to look beyond CRM4SURE for making it happen.

Our single point solution, configurability and pay-per-use model ensures minimum and financial commitment.

Fast Implementation
Our proprietary methodology enables quick implementation of your front-end engine within few days-weeks.

Fully Integrated
A single and holistic platform for managing all front-end and customer facing functions, with 360 degree view.

Robust Architecture
Leading-Edge 'under-the-hood' best practices to ensure that flexibility comes with solidity.