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Just like any other function, making HR happen required key platforms like company intranet, collaboration, HR work-flow and other enablers

Learning Management System

Learning Management System can be effective tool in driving the L&D function amongst employees. In some ways, it decouples the trainer from the learning providing the employees with an automated tool which serves the training material at the job-site itself in the manner the employee is most comfortable with.

Learning Management System refers to an online application or an intranet site, whereby the employee can logon and choose amongst various learning modules to go through. The employee can pick the material which is most relevant to him/her and can go through the course of study on his/her own pace. A good learning management system consists of specially designed interactive modules which make it easy for the employee to pick up new knowledge. These modules can be done either alone by the employee or as part of a classroom session with a trainer and other fellow employees. Learning Management System acts as a repository of all the training, learning and development material and encourages the employee to move on to the next level of knowledge and skills once he/she has completed one course. Needless to say, the LMS can prove to be a vital support in the pursuit of performance excellence and execution effectiveness.