CRM in FMCG Industries

CRM for FMCG Industry

CRM4SURE provides comprehensive field-effectiveness solution for FMCG including Planogram tracking, outlet coverage, dealer equipment usage, outlet display standards, new product launch, field movement monitoring, outlet set-up and development, Dealer Training and Dealer Servicing.
                CRM for FMCG Industry
FMCG Outlet Visit and Coverage

FMCG Dealer Outlet Visit and Coverage

With CRM4Sure you can do a 360 degree management of hundreds or thousands of FMCG outlets-dealers. This includes aspects like checking use of company provided equipment, collateral display, plan-o-gram (how your products are displayed) tracking and maintenance of outlet premises. You can have a unique capability by which you can track not only primary but also secondary and tertiary sales, which will give you a tremendous capability to project  market demand.  

FMCG Outlet Servicing

FMCG Dealer-Distributor Servicing

FMCG Customer Servicing for geographically spread outlets is a key challenge. CRM4SURE gives you a capability to capture and track FMCG outlet-dealer issues, help-items, needs for collateral and local media support. The success for an FMCG company is not only through brand-building, but to build a loyal and committed network of outlets. Ensuring that your field staff is visiting the outlet and addressing the needs of these outlets, will give you a huge embedded value. 

FMCG Channel

FMCG Channel and Network Expansion

Expanding and developing dealer-outlet network is an ongoing exercise for an FMCG company. One needs to constantly look for adding new outlets and closing the non-performing outlets. CRM4Sure provides you the capability to set-up plans for network expansion, manage the leads for new outlets, establish & execute the new outlet set-up in terms of stock, collateral and other items. The first few months of hand-holding of new outlet can help build a strong network.

FMCG Collections-Receivables

FMCG Collections-Receivables Management

FMCG Collection management is a function which has to work with strong discipline and activity-focus. CRM4SURE provides you with an unmatched capability to intelligently allocate collectibles, pursue collectibles through field contact and telecalling, geo-location tracking of collection work-force and strict norms for follow-ups. This coupled with features like notification & alerts, reporting & analysis, daily work management, daily collection reports, will provide you an unmatched capability