Pharmaceutical CRM

Pharmaceuticals and Health Products/Equipment

Significantly enhance effectiveness, via having smart lead allocations, treatment-specific client coverage, medicine-specific sales targets, working across multiplicity of targets segments like Doctors, Hospitals and Chemists. Leverage Knowledge management to train people on the job on medicines, handling objections and right pitch. 

New Business Sales

Custom-Configure sales processes for different customer segments (Primary, Secondary and Tertiary healthcare providers, doctors and para-medical services). Capture and track sales leads funnel till closure.

Expand Distribution Points

Set-up plans for distribution network expansion, manage leads for new outlets, establish & execute the new outlet set-up in terms of stock, collateral and other items. The first few months of hand-holding of new outlet can start achieving expected sales.

Pharma Customer Service

Deliver a world-class service to hospitals, doctors, pharmacy chains, allied medical service providers, retail chains and many other customer groups by capturing their service requests and effectively tracking and monitoring them till closure.

Pharma Brand-Building

Build a great industry brand with corporate social responsibility events like free check-up camps, and blood donation events. Develop a network of influencers, with knowledge-sharing workshops and seminars. Plan and execute events effectively for maximum impact.

Pharma Influencers Network Development

Manage field force of medical representative, as they meet specialists and influencers to share capabilities and offerings of your institution. Ensure high effectiveness with daily route planning, daily meeting activity tracking and geo-location monitoring.

Knowledge and Learning Management

Build a comprehensive repository with text, audios, videos, presentations, white papers and technical notes. Given access to customers, specialists, staff, and influencers’ network. Develop online training programs and ensure a deep and constantly updated depth of skills.