BI End-to-End

Take this as the Introduction/Big picture part of the BI Encyclopedia, before you get onto individual sections. BI end-to-end view covers all BI related subjects which pertain to overall BI Architecture, Management, Organization and BI evolution.

Chapters In BI End-to-End : -

BI Architecture Components

These are the building block of the BI architecture. All possible architecture scenarios will have some or all of these components. This chapter endeavors to de-mystify the definitions of often misused terms.

OLAP Architectures

OLAP is an important component of BI big picture. OLAP within itself has different ways to store and access data. The common options are MOLAP, ROLAP and HOLAP.

Business Intelligence Management

Business Intelligence management as a subject covers various aspects of providing BI to an organization. It includes creation of business intelligence program office (which can operate on continuous basis- as BI projects never stop), and how to scope, plan, deliver and maintain BI portfolio of an organization. Here we will be talking about overall BI and not of its individual components like Data Warehouse. The component level management is given in respective sections. You need to look at BI Architecture chapter in the same section,\n to understand on what all is included in the BI, before going through this chapter.\n

Business Intelligence Performance Management

Business Intelligence helps an organization to management performance. What about managing the performance of BI itself? BI initiatives and operations, consumes effort and cost. To have an effective enterprise BI program, one needs to have BI & information management to be among top 10 priorities of an organization. There is a high rate of failure on BI programs. Therefore, a well-defined BI performance management is must for ensuring accountability and delivery. The owners, stakeholders and sponsors of BI program should know their role and how they assess or be assessed to make it happen.