Vendor-tool Evaluation

This section focuses on the generic aspects of evaluation a tool/software for your Business Intelligence. While functionality of a tool is an important selection criteria, there are equally important considerations for Vendor profile, Vendor's delivery capability, commercial & contractual terms and technical features.

Chapters In Vendor-tool Evaluation : -

vendor-tool-evaluation - Overview

This is the ground setting chapter, which provides the big picture on categories of tools, demystify the terms and gives a real-life perspective behind the evaluation methodologies.

vendor evaluation

It's the man behind the machine which counts. A vendor with Solid business and financial track-record with good credentials is key factor in evaluation.

Technical Tool/Software evaluation

This chapter covers the generic technical considerations for a tool/software evaluation. The tool category\n specific technical parameters are covered in the relevant subject chapters.

Commercial & Contractual Evaluation

Most of the evaluation decisions ultimately get pegged to the moneys. A great tool Vendor may not be selected if they don't meet the business case, or if they over price themselves relative to the market.