Sales Campaign Management

Sales Customer Campaign Management

Design and track Sales Campaign, with specific set of activities (special offers, festive offerings, product launch) with targeted set of existing customers or leads. Create and publish custom templates and messages. Monitor the sales-campaign response rate, along with activity report on target customer contact and response to your offer. Get reports and analytics on the campaign effectiveness and business results

                        Sales Customer Campaign Management

Sales Campaign module has many features, which can help you to reach out to the right customers, at the right time with right propositions:

Build Sales campaign target Customers List

Using the extensive tagging and classifications available in CRM4Sure, you can work-out the customer lists, for different campaign offerings. For example, if you want to give a special proposition to a customer with “high value”, who buys during festive season, you can filter out these customers and store the sales campaign list.

Assign Targeted Customers to specific activities & offerings

You can assign specific activities with the identified customers, which includes:

         Sending mails to the customers on a pre-defined time

         Sales executive to meet the customer and present special offering

         Customers to be invited to sales office for presentation

Mapping Campaign customers and actions to sales teams

Each customer in a sales campaign is mapped to a field or a telecalling executive. The concerned employee on login will find the assigned customer and activity in his-her inbox and can proceed on his work

Tracking and monitoring the campaign activity report of sales teams

Post assignment of the customer and sales campaign activities, one can capture the actual activities done on the same, as part of CRM4Sure “Daily Activity Record” module. This gives a 360 degree view of what was decided, what is being done and what was the outcome for a specific customer. This also becomes important as sales campaign is time-bound and any delay in closing the assigned activities can be highly counter-productive.

Monitor and analyze customer response to customer campaign

Every sales campaign is learning opportunity. As a sales campaign progresses, CRM4Sure reporting and analysis module provides deep insights onto the customer responses. This includes:

         How many customers we could contact?

         How many customers responded?

         How many customers were not interested and why were they not interested?

         How many customers were interested?

         How much were final sales achieved out of the sales campaign?