Sales from Channels

Sales Leads from Channels

Track sales activities done through 3rd party Sales Channels. Ensure regular Channel Relationship Management to report on the business generated. Do an analysis on performing vs. non-performing channels, the turn-around time of closing the leads and channel profitability.

                        Sales Leads from Channels

Sales Channels are core to building and converting your leads. CRM4Sure provides channel based prospects development in many ways:

Sales Channel Target Setting and Planning

You can set-up annual, quarterly and monthly Channel-Level sales targets. This can be done based on channel past performance in terms of sales leads generation, conversion ratio, lead ticket-size and other factors. This enables you to build a much higher confidence in predicting your results. This will ensure that expectations from Channels are well-defined and sales people have done their homework with channel, in the beginning of the month.

Sales Agent and Channel Sales Lead Management

Using industry-leading Daily Activity Record feature, one can capture and monitor channel related sales activity. This includes a sales person providing details on:

         What happened when he visited a channel?

         How many leads he was able to collect from the sales agent or channel?

         If expected business was not collected, then what is the reason?

         When is the next follow-up?

This real-time information provides ground-intelligence on the daily basis on how well channel is performing and how effectively our sales teams are working with Channels to maximize their productivity.

Sales Network Partner Productivity Reporting and Analysis

One can do an extensive analysis and reporting on how well the channel is performing. You can look at various performance factors, like the leads generated by channel every month, the closure speed, the conversion ratio, the sales lead ticket-size and many others. You can look into ‘repeat sale to a customer’ by the channel. Using time-trending analysis, you can assess the sales consistency levels of your sales agents and distributors. CRM4Sure enables you to drill down to each sales lead generated by the channel.

Sales Agents & Distributors Contact and Travel Management

As part of the Trip-Tour Planning feature of CRM4SURE, you can plan out the contact and coverage schedule of your sales agents and dealers. A smart coverage plan will work on covering & contacting maximum channels in shortest time. You can plan the coverage through travel, based on business potential of channel, which channel requires greater attention and ground-work, pending follow-ups with the channels. Once your coverage plan is established you can call the channels and ensure that pre-work is done.

Pro-Active Sales Channel Lead Management

A typical Sales Dealer-Agent-Network Partner will not have sophisticated data mining capabilities. Using CRM4Sure analytics capability, you can identify the potential leads for channel. Using rules like last days since last purchase made, sales lead generated from a campaign or marketing database and product affinity, one can send leads to channel, who can work on lead conversion.

Sales Representative Co-working with Sales Partners

Field-work with your sales network is not limited to visiting them, but also to help them achieve results by being on the road with them. This means that sales executive could be going with the distributor to his dealer network. This means that Sales person could be going to the field to identify new dealers for company’s distributors. CRM4SURE is unique in its capability for you to capture details and effectiveness of such effort.