Sales Notification, Alerts and Communications

Sales Notification, Alerts and Communications

Keep your leads, customers and sales teams informed and updated in real-time by multiple channels of Email, Pop-Ups and SMSs. Create the notification triggers and communication templates. Ensure that exceptions and issues are quickly escalated and made visible to the right decision makers. Be it ageing of leads, conversion stage of a sale, field-visit by your sales teams or a customer response to your sales campaign, stay informed as it happens.

                        Sales Notification, Alerts and Communications

People at all levels in Sales organization are linked to real-time online communication capabilities. Here is a partial sample list of possible notification categories with examples, which can be sent to sales executive as well as sales management, through SMS, EMAIL and Pop-ups:

Sales Representative Travel, Meeting and Outcome Alert

         Travel-Trip Plan Vs. Actual Status by Email to Supervisor

         Meeting Completion Notification and outcome alert to supervisor, so that he can intervene in real-time

         A summary message on number of meetings where customers were not interested

         A summary message on locations visited, meetings done, leads converted

         A summary message on number of meetings where customer was not interested

Sales Person Organizer Notification

         List of Follow-ups for the day and pending follow-ups

         Alerts on Tasks status

         Appointments for the day

         Appointment Changes

Customer and Channel Communication

         Post meeting message of thanks to the customer for his time

         Status alert to customer on lead progression stage- For example Loan File Approval, Under-writing closure, pricing message having been sent.

         Notifications for a special Sales Campaign offering to a customer

         Notification to Channel on their productivity and business status

Sales Productivity-Techniques Support Tips

         Latest Sales Tips and Techniques

         Alerts on how to sell our products vis-à-vis competition

         Latest incentive and Sales schemes

         Daily month-to-date performance status

Sales Lead Status Messages

         Email on aged leads to senior management

         Lead-Wise Closure & Conversion Report

         List of leads which are not yet converted

The above list is just a indicative list of real-time communication you can have with your customers, sales channels and employees. CRM4Sure provides an immense capability to configure your alerts.