Sales from Existing Customers

Sales from Existing Customers

Ensure that you are in touch with existing customers for more business. Set-up sales target from existing customers, customer contact expectations, track actual contact made, the business generated from existing customers, and closure record. Reporting & Analysis includes value-index of customers, business patterns from existing customers, profitable products sales and dissatisfied customers.

                        Sales from Existing Customers

Existing Customers are always a great source of new sales through repeat business, cross-sell, up-sell or customer references. CRM4Sure helps you to get the maximum sales out of customer base:

Customer Level Sales and Target Setting

CRM4Sure advanced planning tool enables you to set-up Customer level targets for Repeat-Sell, Cross-Sell and up-sell. Using the customer classification and tagging capability and past sales record, you can plan on the sales season-period when customer is expected to buy. You can set the aim for a certain sales growth %age for each customer, vis-à-vis past performance. This customer planning exercise generates a culture, which necessitates the sales teams to sincerely look at the potential of each customer.

Customer Repeat Business Leads

Using CRM4Sure, you can generate reports on the past sales performance, and on that basis, you can upload pre-worked leads into the system and assign them to sales employees. This ensures that there is an active work and monitoring happening on repeat sales leads. Any failure in achieving the repeat sales, will bring in organization focus on the issues related to lack of customer needs and satisfaction

Customer Cross-Sell and Up-sell

Using advanced customer classification and tagging capability, one can mark customers for up-sell and cross-sell. This can be achieved by extensive customer analytics feature in CRM4SURE. You can upload the cross-sell and up-sell as defined sales leads into the system and assign them to your sales teams and network partners.  Post lead allocation, the same can be monitored and tracked in terms of ageing and conversion.

Customer Reference Leads

Customers can be a great source of providing leads. A satisfied customer can be a great ambassador.  Contacting customer and asking for sales references, should be an ongoing effort.  Using CRM4Sure you can establish norms for seeking sales contacts from customers, and the outcome. You can analyze the reasons on why a customer is not providing references. Once the reference is provided, using CRM4Sure daily activity record feature one can track the work done on closing the reference leads.

Targeted Customer Offering Campaign Leads

One can established a focused customer sales campaign through customer segmentation and product affinity analysis. The campaign, which includes the customer and sales offering and employee-channel assigned, can be uploaded into CRM4sure. Each such record in the uploaded details, will be considered as leads, and sales teams will be required to feed the details of customer contact activity done, its outcome and reasons for success and failure.