Daily Sales Report and Activity management

Sales Representative Daily Activity Report

Allocate multiple sales activities to a single employee depending upon his role. Enable a sales person to capture details like contacts related to sales leads, the outcome, follow-ups, next-action and location visited. Update the stage of maturity of the leads as well as the category of leads in terms of Hot-cold-warm.

                        Sales Representative Daily Activity Report

CRM4Sure is unique platform for capturing what your sales teams and managers are doing on daily basis. Here are the details you can capture:

Sales Lead Contact Details

Person contacted, location visited, contact details, designation, when the contact was made. You can also state, if the contact was not made, what was the reason (lead was out of town, not available, was busy…) This can lead to analysis on the frequency of missed contacts, how many visits-calls vs contacts made, systemic reasons for not being able to contact.

Actions taken by Sales Executive on meeting the lead

Meeting a sales-lead has to be productive, therefore it is important that needed actions are done when meeting a prospect. Using CRM4Sure flexible interface, one can pre-set the actions (like sharing the catalogue, product video, pricing tables, competition analysis, asking for plant visit etc…). This ensures that a sales person will have followed a minimum discipline of sales pitch. Using this detail, you can monitor if the actions are being done and also the effectiveness.

Contact outcome and reasons

Sales Person can capture on the spot real-time, the outcome of the meeting the sales prospect.  CRM4Sure is industry-leading in terms of allowing you to feed in the ground intelligence related to success or failure of meeting with a potential customer. For example, if the outcome is ‘customer not interested’, you also capture the reason for ‘why customer was not interested?’, which could be bad past experience, market reputation, competition has better proposition or the product does not suit his needs. This can give you immense capability to identify the systemic issues and opportunities behind the success and failure of sales leads conversions.

Sales Representative Next-Action and Follow-ups with Prospect

Post meeting the potential customer, and based on the outcome, one can mark the next action and follow-up date and mode. CRM4sure not only helps you in pre-set next actions, it also ensure that your follow-up dates and tasks are being tracked as part of the personalized organizer.

Sales Lead Conversion Work-Stage Movement

You can set-up a complete work-flow for processing a prospect.  One can add multiple stages based- upon the type of lead. In other words one set up a one step workflow for a retail product and multi-stage flow for a corporate sale. For each stage one can set-up different actions and outcomes-which give you tremendous capability to configure your CRM platform in line with your ground reality.