Sales Leads Management

Sales Leads Funnel Management

Capture & Classify leads through various channels, and allocate them manually or automatically. Set up work-flows & stages for different lead categories (i.e. individual vs. corporate sale). Configure lead master as per your requirements. Add unlimited Tags to leads like priority, customer type and lead sources.

                        Sales Leads Funnel Management

Sales funnel management is at the heart of the any sales machinery. CRM4SURE provides an end to end force multiplier in every aspect:

Maximizing Leads Inflow

CRM4Sure enables you to capture each and every lead in real-time from multiple channels like Web, inbound emails, campaigns, channels and your direct sales staff.  You can set-up a highly intuitive sales lead capture format, taking only a few seconds to login a new prospect. CRM4SURE sales-on-mobile enables field sales representative to create a lead, as and when it happens.

Maximizing Leads Success Ratio

CRM4Sure allows you to tag and classify leads in unlimited ways. You can tag a sales lead to a customer reference, channel, event, campaign, field-visit, source, potential and many other classifications. You can monitor the conversion status and past patterns, to ensure that you focus your efforts on risky areas like low productivity channels, employees and sources. You can also assign higher potential and more difficult leads to better performing employees. You can place a higher frequency monitoring on low-performing sections.

Speeding-up Sales Conversion

With the help of leads processing work-flow, you can set-up work-stages of a lead conversion, based on the type of lead and your business dynamics. You can track and escalate leads ageing at any work-stage. You can capture the reasons of leads not getting converted or getting aged in a particular stage.  Using daily sales activity track you can monitor and analyze the activities being done by sales people to push leads to next stage. By this you can build a culture of high discomfort to leads ageing and non-conversion.

Quality of Sales Leads- Value and Profitability

With the help of leads tagging and classification, you can focus your efforts on the lead which are related to higher profitability products, as well as of higher value. Sales planning feature enables you to set-up product level and sales ticket-size related sales targets, which can be seen vis-à-vis actual performance. This leads to a daily re-focus on the leads which provide higher top-line and bottom-line to the organization

Optimize Sales Funnel Management- Minimize expense

CRM4SURE enables an extensive analysis on which customers, employees, channels, campaigns and sources are giving you the maximum productivity in terms of leads. This enables you to firstly work on low-productivity sources, supported by the ground-intelligence you can capture on CRM4SURE (why leads were not generated or converted). Apart from this it also gives actionable information to churn and replace the people and channels of your sales machinery which are not meeting-up the expectations- thereby keeping it lean and sharp.