Sales Training & Development

Sales Representative Training & Development

With the support of our knowledge and learning module, provide the world-class and intuitive training to your sales teams. Deliver context-sensitive tips, sales techniques and training videos on mobile & desktops for your sales troops. Create on-mobile short learning modules and assign them to employees based on their needs and skills. Reduce your sales training expenses and increase learning effectiveness multi-fold.

                        Sales Representative Training & Development

In combination with our Knowledge and learning module, you can achieve a highly cost-effective and impactful training:

Wide Range of Training Content

You can upload Normal Text, PDFs, Word Files, Audios, Videos, Presentations, Slide shows and other formats into our world-class knowledge management system. CRM4Sure provides an extensive capability to edit, version and publish the content through multiple channels

Sales Scripts and Techniques on Mobile

The best way to train a sales person is to develop him with small bits of learning, so that he can absorb and apply the same. Using CRM4Sure, you can create small capsules of sales techniques and tips, which can be sent via SMS, Email and Pop-ups to sales people. They can read it, while they are on the move. This can also include the latest product launches and developments.

Sales Team Learning Modules on Mobile

You can create focused learning modules combining content and quizzes for the sales agents and employees. They can go through these capsules as they move in the field. These learning modules can range from a 10 minute to one hour, based on the need.

Monitoring Sales Representative Learning Effectiveness

You can analyze, if after taking a set of learning modules, has there been an improvement in sales representative performance. This can help you to understand the effectiveness of the content and learning modules, and helps you to evolve your training packs on the ongoing basis.

Possible Examples of Sales Training Content and learning modules

         Sales Script for Company Introduction to a Customer

         Sales Script for Product introduction

         Sales Script for positioning our proposition vis-à-vis customer

         Video of Product testing and quality benchmarks

         Sales Techniques for recovering a lost customer

         Sales Presentation for target customer segments