Sales Reporting and Analytics

Sales Performance Reporting and Analytics

Get highly dynamic sales Reports, Dashboards and Analytics. Publish rich and actionable information to your teams in a highly intuitive, slice & dice format. Deliver data to desktops, mobiles and tablets. Do real-time Click & Drag, drill down and hybrid analysis.

                        Sales Performance Reporting and Analytics

You can significantly boost Sales performance through CRM4SURE world-class Sales Reporting and Analysis module:

Sales Performance Management Reports and Dashboards

You can make highly intuitive sales reports, where you can

         Select different sales entities (leads, Customers and Channels)

         Pick & merge fields

         Apply filters and aggregations

         Develop detailed as well as summary reports

         Group & Sub-Group

         Build Dynamic Views which you can click and drag to see the information as you like

Sales Employee Productivity Analysis Reports

Here is a sample list of possible Sales Employee Effectiveness information, which can be generated out of CRM4Sure

         Sales Employee Field visit to Lead Generation Ratio

         Lead Generation to Conversion time and strike rate analysis

         Sales input-Activity Norms consistency report

         Sales Employee Level Product-Mix and Profitability report

         Underlying reasons for lack of lead-conversions

Sales Channel Productivity Analysis Reports

Here is a sample list of the possible Channel Sales Effectiveness Information which can be generated:

         Field Visits done by Channel staff and their ability to Generate leads

         Time taken by Channels to covert sales leads

         Ratio of conversion of sales Leads into orders

         How consistently employees are contacting channels for leads and is it leading to better results

         Sales Channel Level Product-Mix and Profitability report- Are channels selling right products

Sales Performance Reports and Analytics

Here is a sample of Sales Performance Management Analysis, which can be generated out of CRM4Sure:

         Overall Sales Product-Mix and Profitability- Are we selling right products for good profitability?

         Customer-Segment wise Sales Results- What kinds of customers are giving how much sales?

         Customer Level Reference Analysis- How many references are generated out of existing customers, and how many of them are converted?

         Sales Input to Output Report- Are we putting consistent effort in terms of field visits & customer contact, and is this input leading to expected sales results?

         Which are the high potential channels and customers we need to focus to maximize our sales?