Complete Enterprise Mobility

Sales Agent Enterprise Mobility

Get fully functional CRM4Sure on a mobile website, as required by your feet-on-street. Ensure portability with CRM4Sure on mobile for all platforms like IOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry. Make available on-the-go a fully functional and virtual CRM capability to every user at an enterprise level., including knowledge management, activity capture, single customer view, Notifications, and several other modules.

                        Sales Agent Enterprise Mobility

CRM4Sure provides world-class mobility platform for field sales person. In other words, CRM4Sure makes sure that a Sales Representative spend more time with customer. Here are the key features:

Sales Representative Login Home Page with Follow-ups, Task and Schedules

As soon as a sales person logs into CRM4SURE, he is presented with a multiple windows, which share all what he needs to know in organizing himself. This includes follow-ups of the day, follow-ups for tomorrow, pending follow-ups, sales tasks to be completed today, pending tasks, sales appointments. This provides an instant self-organizer.

On Mobile Sales Agent Activity Capture

A Sales agent does not need to go to the office to provide details on his activities to his supervisor. He can use our flexible and intuitive system interface to capture the details of his customer meetings of the day within few minutes. This information is beamed to the supervisor on real-time basis.

Online Reports and Dashboard

A sales employee can view key dashboards and reports related to his performance. For example, he can see his trip plan status, his target vs. actual achievement and performance report of channels assigned to him.

Real-time Sales Executive Notification and Alerts

Using the notification and alert module of CRM4Sure, one can send automated messages to the sales executives, which can ensure that he is aware of what is going on. For example you can SMS and email on his performance, his pending follow-ups and his pending follow-ups of the day.

Prospect-Customer Contact History

Whenever a sales agent is going into meeting a customer, he can access all the past contacts with the customer, so that he has a complete historical view on customer preferences, customer issues and past claims or quality problems. This ensures that sales employee is well-prepared with his sales script.

Sales Employee Training Learning Modules on Hand

CRM4Sure has a complete suite of Sales knowledge and learning management modules available on mobile. This provides most inexpensive and effective method for sales employee training and development. A sales rep on the move can look at the product presentations, sales scripts, sales techniques and methods upgrade his skills.