Field Sales Force Geo-Location Tracking

Sales employee Force Geo-Location Tracking

Using GPS Geo-location tracking CRM4Sure application, track and monitor the field movement and location of your sales staff and team. Get the location details in form of a map display, email & SMS alerts and a supervisor movement tracking panel. Get real-time date on the time taken to travel, time spent in meetings with the customer and adherence to the travel plans.

                        Sales employee Force Geo-Location Tracking

CRM4Sure provides you a real-time geo-location GPS tracking, which can boost your sales intensity:

Real-time Field Movement tracking through a Mobile App

CRM4Sure provides a mobile app, which runs in the back-ground, and constantly sends the geo-location status of a sales employee to a central server. It provides a regular update after defined intervals in terms of longitude and latitude, along with the address.

View Sales Representative Location online on Map

Apart from getting the detailed co-ordinates of employee movement, one can also see their location on google maps. This provides a visual on the location covered by sales agent, and a quicker assessment of how and where the sales rep is spending his day.

Field Sales Staff Geo-Location History

This feature enables you to get the historical details and reports on sales staff travel and geo-location. You can look at the trends like travel productivity, the peak and off-peak days (for examples less travel in the beginning of month and intense travel towards the end of the month).

Sales Rep Travel vs. Customer Meeting Time Spent

This feature gives you an intelligent view real-time on various sales travel effectiveness and efficiency. For example, the online supervisor panel shows the average time spent in a location, average travel time spent between two locations, average start time in the morning and average number of hours spent per day.

Effective Sales Employee Conveyance Claims Management

This feature provides a direct impact on cost and time saving on conveyance claims administration. Many organizations using CRM4Sure have linked their conveyance claims processing and payment to geo-location travel record.