Sales Organizer, Task and Schedule Manager

Sales Person Organizer, Task and Schedule Manager

Let your sales employees get rid of their diaries, stick-on sheets and to-do spirals. CRM4SURE provides state of the art Task, Calendar and Contact management. Create and track appointments, actions and follow-ups. Configurable homepage displays snippets of your work for the day, pending items, dashboards, trip plan for the day and many other items. A permanently active sidebar-drawer will be a constant reminder and highlighter as you go through your day.

                        Sales Person Organizer, Task and Schedule Manager

CRM4Sure provides virtual-anywhere self-organization for sales-person on the move:

Sales Representative Task Management

Sales Task Management module is a near replica of MS-outlook task manager, with additional capabilities. It enables you to:

         Define a task in terms of start-date, end-date, criticality and description

         Mark the task as generic or link it to specific customer, lead, location, product

         Set the Task Stage and Status

         Assign the task to a specific person

Sales Person Scheduling and Calendar Management

Here are some of the Calendar features fully integrated with MS-outlook. You can set-up:

         Appointments, and invite people

         Setup Reminders

         View the Calendar for various time horizons

         Move the appointments and calendar and send notifications

Personalized Sales Rep Organizer home page

CRM4Sure personalized home page for Sales Person is a force-multiplier, with following features:

         Every Sales person can define his own page, in terms of what all panels he wants to see

         Multiple Pre-defined panels are available. Some of the examples are:

o   Today’s Follow-ups

o   Pending Follow-ups

o   Tomorrow-up Follow-ups

o   Pending-Tasks

o   Trip Plan Status

o   Today’s Calendar

o   Assign Sales Campaign Activities

o   Newly Assigned Leads

o   Newly Assigned Customers

o   Performance Dashboard

Sales Employee Work-management organizer side-bar

Apart from the Organizer Home-Page CRM4Sure has a retractable side-bar, which slides in as and when you click a button, and it provides a quick-view of various panels.

Sales Agent Organizer on Mobile

The complete Sales Self-Organizer is available on mobile. This includes:

         On Mobile personalized home page

         On-Mobile Trip status and geo-location history

         On-Mobile Compensation and incentive status

         On-Mobile Performance Dashboards

         Real-Time Notification and Alerts