Sales Planning and Standards Management

Sales Planning, Targets and Standards

Undertake planning management where you can make monthly or weekly sales plan. Make plan for any custom periods, plans for special campaigns and custom durations etc. Configure parameters on which users can do planning. Assign different kind of parameters for planning on different entities.

                        Sales Planning, Targets and Standards

Sales Planning forms the foundation of your sales machinery. A detailed, drill down plan is half the battle won. Here are various dimensions and their combinations on which you are set your sales objectives:

Sales Activity-Input-Effort-Results Level Plans

You can set-up 3-dimensional view of what you can expect.

First dimension is ‘Sales Input’ or sales effort- For example setting-up targets for field-visits, customer contacts, channel contacts etc.

Second dimension is the intermediate outcomes (which arise from the sales effort) like Sales Leads generated and Sales Channels Appointed.

Last dimension is the ‘Sales Output’ in terms of final results in terms of top-line and bottom-line. For example- Sales Value, Sales Volume, Average Sales ticket size etc..

Sales Employee and Sales Agent Level Plans

An enterprise can create sales plans across the entire hierarchy. This means a unique capacity to establish roll-up plans starting from Sales Executive to sales manager and up-to zonal sales managers and national sales head.  This ensures that there is a complete alignment across all levels on sales.

Channel Sales Strategy and Business Plan

Channels are a natural extension of Sales personnel. For many companies, most of their revenues come from channel networks. Using our CRM4Sure planning module, one can establish the targets for lead generation by Channels, sales Value and Sales volumes, customer contacts and much more.

Product Sales Strategy and Plans

Organizations manage their sales profitability by intelligent product-mix. Product focus and strategy is a cornerstone of any sales strategy. Therefore, a product level plans and monitoring of sales, gross-profit and other parameters supports a proper execution of game-plan.

Location Level Sales Plans

One can establish sales targets for all levels of location hierarchy. For example, starting from a local sales office to territory and up-to states/provinces can be worked out. While in most cases a regional manager target and the region level target will be same, but many a times a manager could be managing multiple location or a large location could be managed by multiple senior managers.

Time-period-span plans

All the above-said capabilities are multiplied using highly advanced time-based planning of CRM4SURE. You can set-up any plans for a week, fortnight, month, quarter and year. Also you can make customer periods, so to suit the peak and low parts of the sales cycle.