Sales Work-Flow Management

Sales Process Work-Flow Management

Set-up any kind of sales work-flow- related to leads from new sources, existing customers and channels. Create a separate work-flow with specific stages as per different sources, products and lead categories. IN other words you can have a user and situation specific sales process management.

                        Sales Process Work-Flow Management

In CRM4Sure you can set-up flexible work-flows to reflect your on-ground real-life business processes. Your sales leads and conversions can progress and tracked as per the practical dynamics of your sales. Here are some of sales processes which you can set-up and monitor:

Sales Process Management Work-Stages

You can establish work-stages for processing of a sales lead.  You can set-up unlimited work-stages and configure their titles and sequence. You can reconfigure and update the entire work-stage flow as and when you need.

Multiple Sales Work-Flow Levels

Not only CRM4sure Sales process manager enables multi-stage work-flow configuration, each stages can have as many levels of sub-stages. This takes care of complex flows.

For example you may have 3-stage lead conversion at top level (Customer Enquiry, Presentation & Demo, and Negotiation & Closure). Within Negotiation & Closure, you can define second level work-stages like Initial Negotiation, Final Negotiation, Contract Signing and Order Set-up.

Sales Process Stage based Outcomes and Actions

Not only you can define the work-stages for a sales lead processing, with each stage you can configure unique set of outcomes of the stage.

For example for a work-stage of “Initial Customer Contact”, you can set-up outcomes of ‘Customer not interested, Customer Defined his Needs, Customer asked to come later’. On the same lines, you can define separate set of outcomes for ‘Customer Presentation’, where the outcomes could be ‘Customer asked for a pilot project, customer has raised a price enquiry, customer need another demo’..This not only tells you where the lead is but also what is happening with the lead.

Business Process based on Leads-Category

CRM4Sure is unique in terms of providing this lead-type based product configuration. CRM4Sure is unique in terms of providing this lead-type based product configuration. For example you can establish a 2-stage lead conversion process for a small consumer level sales and 6-stage conversion process for a large corporate deal.

Sales Lead Work-Stage based Ageing Analysis and Escalation

Using CRM4Sure you can do an extensive analysis of what is happening to your lead funnel and identify the underlying issues and opportunities. You can look at which stages have maximum ageing and why. You can escalate and send notifications to senior management on items stuck in lead funnel.