Sales Trip-tour Planning

Sales Rep Trip-tour Planning

Plan your daily/weekly or monthly field visits of your sales teams to any external parties. On monthly, weekly and daily basis, select the leads, customers and channels for sales visits and respective dates, based on various factors like criticality or entity type or location proximity. Track and monitor the adherence to the travel plans.

                        Sales Rep Trip-tour Planning

Field trip-tour planning ensures that you are able to reach maximum customers in minimum time.

Monthly Sales Employee Travel plans

At the beginning of every month, you can design intelligent travel plans for a sales Executive, based on multiple factors, which include:

         Valued Customers not contacted for long

         Pending Follow-ups

         Shortest distance to travel

         Ageing leads not attended to

         Field Activity norms, like visiting a channel once every month

         Customer at risk

         Targeted and time-bound sales campaign

Weekly-Daily Sales agent trip Adjustments

After the monthly sales employee sales trip plan is made, the same can be constantly updated, based on on-going experience, exigencies and changed priorities. This ensures that sales Travel plan is grounded in reality.

Adherence tracking to Sales Executive tour plan

Using the geo-location GPS tracking capability and daily activity record, one can constantly monitor the adherence to the agreed plan. You can have the trip plan vs. actual on the ongoing basis throughout the day on sales person’s mobile and on the supervisor control panel at the office. Notifications and alerts can be sent on deviations from the plan.

Sales Rep Trip-travel effectiveness reporting & analysis

CRM4Sure can provide in-depth analysis on the effectiveness of the trip plan, on the following terms:

         What was coverage plan and what was actual and why?

         Sales and Lead-conversion effectiveness- Are we contacting right people at the right time, and it is leading to results?

         Are our plans realistic or we needed to be more or less aggressive?