Sales Daily Work Management

Sales Employee Daily Work Discipline

Define kind of activities and job responsibilities an employee is suppose to fulfill during his working hours. Setup Daily work management activities for any role. Customize DWM on weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. Download his DWM manual in popular formats and use it as a work instruction guide.

                        Sales Employee Daily Work Discipline

Sales is all about day-after-day, week-after-week discipline. Consistent Input leads to Consistent output. CRM4Sure defines the work format for staff and management, and ensure that it is being followed:

Work norms for Employee and Sales Agents

You can establish micro level sales discipline norms, which can give a clear message to the sales person on the ground. For example, the expected field visits per week, expected channels to contact every day, existing customers to meet per month and much more.

Discipline Norms for Sales Managers

Activity norms apply equally to managers. You can establish routine for managers like branches to visit per week, HNI customers to meet per month, number of field-visits to channels per day. This ensures that there is a complete alignment across the hierarchy.

Sales work guidelines for Senior Management

While senior sales managers have many ambiguous and unplanned tasks, some level of discipline help them to stay focused. For example number of performance review to be done every week, one-on-one with sales executives per month, number of strategic customers to meet, number of dealer meets to attend per month etc…

Sales Person Work Management Adherence

Using CRM4Sure daily activity record, many of the sales work discipline norms can be tracked automatically. Activity record captures all the meetings and activities done by sales person, and it can be viewed vis-à-vis agreed work norms.

Daily Work Management Manual

Using CRM4Sure knowledge management system, we can help any employee to create his daily work management manual, which contains the best practices, Dos & Don’ts and many more.