Sales Compensation & Incentives

Sales Executive Compensation & Incentives

Calculate and inform your sales people on the incentive and monies they have made or are expected to make, based on their current and projected performance. Sales incentive is a great motivator for sales troops and CRM4Sure enables you to set-up rules and generate the sales compensation details. You can mention various projected scenarios performance and money-making to your sales person, and thereby set-up a more engaging targets for him.

                        Sales Executive Compensation & Incentives

Sales persons and channels can be motivated and driven to perform by sharing on the incentives they have made and can make.

Sales Compensation-Incentive Set-up Module

Using compensation set-up feature, you can:

         Set-up incentive calculation rules in terms of sales slabs, sales gross profit, incentive %ages and special mark-ups.

         Set-up different rules for different roles (sales executive vs. Sales Manager)

         Set-up the time period for which the incentive is applicable.

         Set-up incentive schemes not only for employees but also for channels and customers.

Sales Rewards calculation Module

Once the sales incentive rules have been set-up, the calculation can happen in multiple ways:

         Upload employee-wise, channel-wise actual sales figures in form of an excel sheet, and module calculation engine generates the incentive statements.

         Seamlessly integrate CRM4sure with core systems of the company, and get the sales performance figures from accounting systems

         Front-end interface to enter the sales figures. This feature is relevant to small size companies

         The calculation can be done on ad-hoc basis as well as scheduled basis

Sales Incentive and Performance projection Scenarios

Not only a sales person or channel needs to know how much incentive is credited till date, but also on how much sales they have to achieve to get how much incentive. Therefore CRM4Sure offers a unique capability where it presents multiple scenarios. For example, it can tell a sales person that:

         He has made USD 100 for a sales performance of 10000 till date,

         He can make USD 250 for a sales performance of 25000 till the end of the month.

         He can make USD 400 for a sales performance of USD 35000, till the end of the month as he will move into a higher slab.

         He can make USD 600 for a sales performance of 45000, till the end of the month as he will into highest slab level.

Sales Incentive-Compensation Status Communication and Notification

Using the sales notification and alert module, one can send constant update to a sales person or a sales channel on how much incentive he or she has made. This can be done on a daily or weekly basis. This can also be made part of sales self-organizer, where latest incentive statement is available on a home page.