Service Request Capture

Customer Service Request- Complaint-Query Capture

Capture a service request in its absolute reality. Configure your own SR capture forms to suit your internal requirements for different servicing departments for Customers, Channels, Employees, IT Help-Desk and administration help-desk. Define unlimited SR categories and sub-categories, along with customized tags and categorizations.

                        Customer Service Request- Complaint-Query Capture

Flexible Client Service Request and Complaint Capture Form

You can design your own service request form, with fields based on your industry and business model. For example SR form for an air-conditioning services company will be very different from a life insurance company. You can add, delete and update fields, with a wide-range of field-types (drop down, free form, date, pick-list etc…) and data-types (character, date, numeric etc…). You can define and update the sequence of fields and field-level conditions.

Customer Service Request- Complaint-Query Categories

You can define categories, whereby you can define what type of SR is it. For example, for an equipment manufacturing company, one could have following categories:

         Product Warranty Claim

         Product Quality and Repair Request

         Product Periodic Maintenance and Health Check

         Product Installation Request

         Product Usage Training Request

In this way, depending upon the industry and application, you can have unlimited categories which can be marked to a customer SR.

SR priority and Criticality

You can configure the criticality of SR in various ways as per your need. For example:

         Severity 1, Severity 2, Severity 3 (typically for IT help desk)

         Level 1, Level 2, Level 3

         Routine, Important, Urgent, Critical

Most of the time companies will be designing their Service Level Agreements and turn-around times based on the above-said tagging of SR importance and speed of response required.