Enterprise Administration – Travel Help-Desk

Enterprise Administration – Travel Help-Desk

Serve employees as sensitively as external customers. Understand and address administration issues faced by staff. Monitor the closure of problems like office space, productivity tools, climate control, stationary, travel arrangements, cleanliness and much more. Ensure that administration services are helping to maximize employee productivity.

                        Enterprise Administration – Travel Help-Desk

Admin Helpdesk for administration servicing needs

         Office hygiene and cleanliness

         Stationary and paper requisition

         Office Climate Control and Air-conditioning issues

         Staff travel arrangements

         Setting-up or repair of work-stations

         Premises security

         Fire and Employee Safety related issues

Ability to service wide range of internal & external customers

         Senior and Executive Management

         Shop-Floor Workers and Supervisors

         Channel partners using company infrastructure

         Office Support Staff

         Sales, servicing and sourcing employees