External Customer-Client Service

External Customer-Client Service

CRM4Sure provides world-class servicing capability for every customer-sensitive organization. Capture and Classify Customer Service Requests (SR), mark their status, track SRs through work-stages till closure and keep customer updated on status. Address all categories of customer complaints, queries and service needs.

                        External Customer-Client Service

Wide-range of Customer Service Requests (SR), Complaints, Queries

         Customer Product and Service Complaints

         Customer Queries on Products, Services and Terms

         Customer Service requirements like to change in customer records and renewals

         Customer Training and product usage walk-through Requests

         Product Warranty Related Help

Ability to Capture Customer SR flexibly

         Configure SR fields based on your needs. An air-conditioning company can have totally different SR formats compared to a life insurance company.

         Define your own SR categories and classifications. You can have dozens of different SR categories

         Configure work-stages of SR processing. An SR for a simple change of address may have 1 stage, and an SR to renew an insurance policy could have 4-5 stages.

         Configure the status fields for your SR

Track the closure of Customer SR

         Monitor the progress of work on SR, through stages

         Communicate the status to the customer

         For any delays in SR closure, escalate SR ageing to senior management

Extensive Customer Servicing Reporting

         Daily Customer Servicing Activity Record

         Customer Servicing Productivity and through-put

         Customer Servicing turn-around time

         Customer Service SLA Adherence

         Customer Service Root-Cause Closure