A Single-Window CRM Management Software for End-to-End Front-End Execution
Link and integrate all functions of your business
Customer Relationship, Service

Sales Management

World-Class CRM Sales Software to integrate all sales entities like employees, channels, leads, existing customers, products and locations. Maximize the sales leads funnel and conversion through sales work management, sales activity report, sales planning, field trip-tour planning, geo-location GPS tracking and enterprise mobility for sales person on the move.

SR Productivity

Sales Productivity

Leads Funnel

Leads Conversion Ratio

Leads Conversion Ratio

Conversion Speed

Conversion Speed

Customer Relationship Management

Use our CRM Software Solutions to maximize customer value through strong Customer Relationship, retention and satisfaction. Do targeted customer profiling to set-up customer contact activity norms. Capture daily customer contact & ground-intelligence on cross-sell, up-sell, service issues, future needs, special campaign-driven offerings and relationship activities.

Leads Funnel

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Retention

Customer Cross-Sell Up-Sell

Customer Cross-Sell Up-Sell

Customer References


Capture and track customer service requests, Complaints or Queries to their closure. Manage enterprise-wide servicing for Customers, Channels, employees and Channels. Custom-configure processes to handle different types of servicing needs . Ensure status alerts to customers and closely monitor servicing performance.

SR Productivity

Service SLA Compliance

SR Closure Quality

SR Closure Speed

Collections-Receivables Management

Intelligently Capture and assign collectibles to agents. Manage collections through employees, Tele-callers and 3rd parties. Get real-time view on collections activities and their outcomes. Adopt best-practices like field staff geo-location tracking, Trip Planning, Promise to pay management and Days Past Due bucket tracking.

Collections Productivity

Reduction in Bad-Debts

Reduction in Past Dues

Collections Speed

Channel Network Expansion and Development

Expand your 3rd party channel network. Manage entire channel appointment life cycle from partner evaluation, contracting up-to setting-up with stock, and service equipment. Undertake Channel partner relationship through tracking channel issues, employee recruitment, servicing, compensation, local events, displays and Channel training.

Channel Satisfaction

Channel Retention

Channel Productivity

Network Expansion Speed

Knowledge, Content and Learning Management

Get world-class employee training and development platform with best-of-breed features like structured and unstructured content, access-security controls, search-navigation and targeted publishing. Create and assign learning modules, conduct on-line quizzes and publish knowledge and learning effectiveness reports.

Employee Development

Learning Efficiency

Employee Performance

Employee Performance

Employee Satisfaction

A Perfect CRM Software for Small Business as well as Large Enterprise


Ensure Pro-Active Renewals with Payment reminders before due dates. Do Smart allocations to employees based on the size and risk of Renewals. Maintain Renewal Intensity with Daily Activity Records, Tasks, Scheduler, organizer and Trip-Planner. Send periodic maintenance and Service reminders to customers. Re-instate lapsed contracts & policies through intense customer follow-ups

Pre-Expiry Renewals

Post-Expiry Reinstatements

Renewal Productivity

Renewal Up-Sell

Human Resources

Acquire Talent, with well-managed Job Requistion, Candidate shortlisting and Evaluation process. Ensure excellent Employee Joining and On-Boarding Experience. Set-up Performance and Learning plans with effective appraisals and increments management

Hiring Effectiveness

Employee Satisfaction

Employee Performance

Emloyee Performance

Talent Retention


Maintain Item/SKU master for differrent product categories and attributes. Manage Re-order Levels and timely repenishments. Transact all inventory related activities in terms of dispatches, receipts, in-house issuance and deposits, ajustments and returns. Track inventory movements across stock-points. Maintain daily inventory ledger with closing balances of quantity and values.

Inventory Optimization

Stock Accounting Accuracy

Stock Movement Efficiency

Pilferage Reduction


Manage Purchases from PO to final material receipt including goods return and quality check management. Manage Sales from initial quotation, Sales order to invoicing, dispatch note to customer delivery. Ensure complete integration with inventory management module with a single view of each item.

Purchase Efficiency

Quotation Effectiveness

Employee Performance

Invoicing Efficiency

Customer Delivery