Ensure Pro-Active Renewals with Payment reminders before due dates. Do Smart allocations to employees based on the size and risk of Renewals. Maintain Renewal Intensity with Daily Activity Records, Tasks, Scheduler, organizer and Trip-Planner. Send periodic maintenance and Service reminders to customers. Re-instate lapsed contracts & policies through intense customer follow-ups.

Pre-Expiry Renewals

Post-Expiry Reinstatements

Renewal Productivity

Renewal Up-Sell

AMC Renewals

Renewals Creation & Assignment

Create Renewals for Annual Maintenance Contracts, Insurance Policies, Educational Course Registrations and all other types of periodic contracts. Based on the frequency of the contract renewal and expiry dates, automatically generate Renewal Tasks and assign them to employees.

Renewals Creation & Assignment

AMC Renewals Reminders & Schedule

AMC-Renewals Reminders & Schedule

Send Automatic pro-active Reminders via Email and SMS to the customers. Make Automatic Renewal schedule for employees for their calls and visits to the customers, for assuring maximum renewals before expiry dates.

Daily Renewal Activity Record

Closely monitor all renewal activities done on the daily basis, including time of meeting, action-taken, client response, next follow-up and much more. Get an online real-time supervisor view of renewal work done by each employee. Narrow down on delayed renewals.

Daily Renewal Activity Record

Periodic Maintenance Servicing

Periodic Maintenance-Servicing

Send reminder and updates to customers on periodic maintenance activities to be done on their assets (like Car Servicing, Water Filter service). Based on the service visit frequency committed in the maintenance contract, automatically create daily servicing activity schedule for service engineers.

Post-Expiry Contract Reinstatements

For expired contracts, assign them to specific employees for more intense follow-up. Send escalation and alerts to management on lapsed contracts. Do root-cause analysis through interactive tools on the reasons for expiry and missed renewals.

Post Expiry Contract Reinstatements