Channel Network

Expand your 3rd party channel network. Manage entire channel appointment life cycle from partner evaluation, contracting up-to setting-up with stock, and service equipment. Undertake Channel partner relationship through tracking channel issues, employee recruitment, servicing, compensation, local events, displays and Channel training.

Channel Satisfaction

Channel Retention

Channel Productivity

Network Expansion Speed

Channel Management
                Channel Network

Channel Training and Learning Management

Transform the productivity through Channel partner training on regular intervals. Monitor multi-pronged Training including class-room as well as co-working (trainer going to field with channel partner staff). Set-up the training tracks (for example Product training) and monitor their completion for each channel partner. Check on the effectiveness of the training by combining the training completion and the actual performance of network partner.

Channel Training Management

Channel Operational Set-up

New Channel Operational Set-up

Through CRM4SURE you can track large number of different activities you need to do to make a channel fully operational and as per organization standards. This includes providing right mix of initial stock, training to channel partner and its staff, setting-up the service equipments in channel premises, providing the displays & marketing collaterals, doing introductory local events for the channel, helping in the initial recruitments for the channel etc…

Primary Secondary and Tertiary Sales Management

Get a competitive edge by to tracking secondary (sales by distributor to a dealer) and tertiary sales (sale by dealer to end customer). Ensure more reliable projections of future sale, and find many ways to improve business performance of your distribution chain. Set-up CRM4Sure to capture dealer and distributor level sales for each product.

Channel Secondary and Tertiary Sales Management

Channel Lead Management

New Channel Lead Management

Create the list of prospective channels which fit your needs and work on their ‘conversion’. Capture leads with all the channel specifics like space available, market reputation and expected monthly sales. Create a work-flow where you can track the progression of new network partner lead through various stages like letter of intent for potential channel partners, evaluation of channels and documentation & contracting

Channel Reporting and Analysis

Get incisive reporting & analytics on the Channel Network Expansion, retention and productivity. Assess the new channel appointment efficiency and strike rate. Get detailed insights into the channel productivity & performance. Analyze channel support and service effectiveness, and how it is impacting their satisfaction and retention.

Channel Reporting and Analysis

Channel Display and Collateral Management

Channel Display and Collateral Management

Manage the display and below the line activities with your channel partners. Check if your distribution partner is displaying your banners, posters and product in the he needs to. Set-up and monitor “below the line” activities to be done by your employee for your network partners, like display of your point-of-sale advertising material, issuing the company merchandize and proper use of the company-provided equipments.

Channel Relationship Management and Service

Set-up and monitor the adherence to Channel relationship norms in terms of frequency of visit to a channel partner, and associated activities like Check stock levels, check displays and equipment usage, gather channel issues, do refresher training for the channel, introducing new policies and product.

Channel Relationship Management

Channel Notification and Alerts

Channel Notification and Alerts

Do a real-time communications with your channel partners, through notifications on latest incentive schemes, latest product launches, status of the dispatch of their orders, post distributor visit acknowledgements and much more.