Intelligently Capture and assign collectibles to agents. Manage collections through employees, Tele-callers and 3rd parties. Get real-time view on collections activities and their outcomes. Adopt best-practices like field staff geo-location tracking, Trip Planning, Promise to pay management and Days Past Due bucket tracking.

Collections Productivity

Reduction in Bad-Debts

Reduction in Past Dues

Collections Speed

CRM for Receivables

Field Collection Agent Enterprise Mobility

Get fully mobile based capabilities for all what is needed by the collection agent on the move. Not only an agent enter his daily collection report, but he can also see the alerts related to his follow-ups for the day, his trip plan, alerts on his performance, and clients profile.

Full Enterprise Mobility

Collections-Receivables Channels Management

Collections-Receivables Channels Management

Set-up channels based on type of channel (individual collection agent vs. a corporate collections entity). Maintain close monitoring on collections channel level productivity and performance. Assign collectibles to external channels and through direct access to CRM4Sure, monitor their daily collections activities.

Collectibles-Receivables Capture and Assignment

Capture Collectibles through various channels like core systems, excel uploads and front-end capture. Classify and assign collectibles based on factors like days past due, month on books and principle outstanding, assign pro-active activities to agents. Manage allied collections related activities like legal, repossession and restructuring of collectibles.

Collectibles-Receivables Capture and Assignment

Daily Collections Report

Daily Collections-Receivables Activity Report

Achieve a systematic online view of the Collections-Receivables related activities of your field and back-end staff through this feature. Enable your collections agent to enter ‘what was done’?’ What was the outcome?’, ‘What is the next action?’, When will I do next follow-up?’ and many other details, which can provide rich information to maximize collections productivity and effectiveness.

Field Collections-Receivables Agent Trip-Tour Planning

Enable systematic and intelligent tour planning for the collections agents in the field, on monthly, weekly and daily basis. Mark client visits based on many factors like MOB (month on books), POS (principle outstanding) and PTP (promise to pay date) along with specific dates when the customer is going to be visited.

Collections Trip-Tour Planning

Integrations with Core Systems

Financial Integration with Core Systems

Collections is a core financial activity, all the dues as well as the collections done data will come from the core back-bone systems. Adopt various methods to integrate with back-bone systems like embedded APIs, Excel Uploads and XML interface. Pick the new collectibles date on online basis or in batches.