Customer Relationship

Maximize customer value through strong Customer Relationship, retention and satisfaction. Do targeted customer profiling to set-up customer contact activity norms. Capture daily customer contact & ground-intelligence on cross-sell, up-sell, service issues, future needs, special campaign-driven offerings and relationship activities.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Retention

Customer Cross-Sell Up-Sell

Customer References

                Customer Relationship

CRM Planning and Target Setting

Do a 360 degree customer level planning and target setting, to set the ground of maximizing customer value. Set-up plans for Customer references, Repeat sales, Cross-sell and Up-sell. Establish standards for customer contacts to be made, the customer visits to be made. Define customer relationship activities for different customer segments like festive greetings, special offering and loyalty cards.

CRM Planning and Target Setting

CRM Trip Tour Management

Customer CRM Trip-Tour management

Ensure maximum CRM contact with minimum time and travel effort. Plan your customer coverage based on multiple factors such as customer criticality, contact norms, geographic location, sales potential and level of customer satisfaction. Chalk out your coverage plan on monthly, weekly and daily basis. Monitor the adherence to the trip-tour plan and escalate the deviations.

360 Degree Customer View

Get most comprehensive customer single view, with all customer touch points in a single frame of view. Look at details like the customer purchase history, contact history, service details, product affinity, existing leads in process, status of references given by the customer and tasks-calendar related to the customer.

360 Degree Customer View

Customer Life Stage Management

Customer Life-Stage Management

Using extensive reporting and analysis features, mark the life-stage of the customer and the associated offerings, to suit the customer situation and circumstances. Track the effectiveness of cross-sell and up-sell activities vis-à-vis customers in a given life-stage. Make your customer value business projections based on customer life-cycle analysis.

Customer Cross-Sell and Up-Sell

Based on customer tagging and classifications, assign targeted cross-sell and up-sell offerings at customer level, assign customer campaigns to sales employees, monitor the customer contact activities to convert customer propositions into sales. Plan out the cross-sell and up-sell targets from each customer, and track the success rate.

Customer Cross-Sell and Up-Sell

Customer Profiling and Segmentation

Customer Classification, Profiling and Segmentation

Ensure ultimate Client Relationship Management by capturing customer details as per your industry and needs. Hand-craft customer information-base in terms of contact details, risk-status, customer-type, product affinities, credit worthiness, business potential and customer life-stage. Do insightful customer profiling and maximize cross-sell/up-sell, customer satisfaction, timely collections, new lead references, targeted campaigns and longer-term retention.

Customer Relationship Management Discipline

Establish pro-active CRM activity norms, in terms of which customer to meet with what frequency and by whom, what should be the agenda and what should be the expected results. Create a complete execution framework to ensure that relationship is pro-active and consistent. Set-up CRM discipline norms for different customer segment across wide range of activities including birthday greetings, relationship call, service assurance contact, cross-sell, special offerings and new product introduction.

Customer Relationship Discipline

CRM Target Offerings and Campaign

Customer Value Target Offerings and Campaign

Mark specific cross-sell and up-sell campaign with specific offerings marked to customers and assign customers to employees. Do trip-planning on when the employee will go to the customers, capture outcome of the contact done by the employee, the response of the customer and subsequent action. Based on 360 degree ground-intelligence, increase your success rate, and develop smarter campaigns for future.

Customer Analytics and Reporting

CRM4SURE enables you to have a wide-range of customer reporting and analysis to get the maximum value out of a customer. You can create customer/customer-group level targets in terms of references, cross-sell/up-sell business and CRM activities. You can get enriched analytics on the actual business generated out of an existing customer, the top reasons for customer attrition, key success factors on customer repeat purchase and customers at risk. With planning, analytics and CRM activity capture- a 360 degree customer related performance can be driven.


Daily Customer Relationship (CRM) Activity Report

Daily Customer Relationship (CRM) Activity Report

Get extensive customer ground intelligence through your field personnel as they can feed detailed information like customer issues, new references, service requirements, feedback on new products and other outcomes. Receive a goldmine of inputs and analysis to take the best out of your customers and employees.