Incisive Analytics & Reporting

Incisive Analytics & Reporting

Get action-oriented information on customer, sales, service channel, products, employees and lot more. Provide Reporting and analytics to your employees when-and-where they need  it. With a flexible report designer and MS analysis engine, publish need-based predefined as well as adhoc reports.

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Customer, Sales and wide-spectrum Business Reporting and analytics Services

CRM4SURE is fully integrated with MS analysis and reporting services. It has its own proprietary Business Intelligence & Reporting tools. Moreover you can also select predefined reports to be sent to the users at any appropriate. CRM4SURE BI and Reporting Layer provide a break-through BI navigation panel, where you can drill-down, drill-across and drill-diagonal across any entity, level and report.

Automated Ad Hoc Business Reports and Information on the fly

CRM4SURE has reporting capabilities which are unique to CRM space. Apart from inbuilt more than 40 predefined report templates, you can configure any report on the fly to suit your business requirements. You can also choose to have a dashboard representation for any chosen report to get a quick bird’s eye view. You can chose the dash boards to be shown on the home page so that user will never miss any opportunity.

Exception Management and Escalation

You can also create business rules for reporting for e.g you can create a rule that no employee should have a target achievement of less then 80%. In case there is any exceptions system will highlight the same in reporting mechanism and the same can be downloaded in editable format as well as it will also will trigger email alert functionality.

Customer Relationship Management Report and Analysis Publishing

CRM4SURE also enables you to create groups on the basis of product lines, Functions, Locations etc and you can configure any relevant report to be seen by and share with the relevant groups.