Assignments & Mapping

Assignments & Mapping

Assign your customers, leads, channels, service requests, products and receivables to your employees, vendors, branches and much more. You can do one-by-one, block, multi-select and rotational assignments. You can have one-to-one, many–to-one, many-to-many assignments with flexible business conditions.

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Flexible Customer, Lead, Sales, Location, Channel, employee Assignment and Mapping 

You can manage any combination of mapping across entities. Examples include Leads Assignment, Customers assignment to Employees, Customers assignment to Sales Channel, Channel Assignment to Employee, Employee Mapping to Location, Package Assignment to vehicle, Job Requisition Assignment to a function and Product Assignment to a campaign. CRM4SURE enables you to assign any entity to any other entity. You can create or de-activate mapping combinations.

Manual Assignment and Allocation

You can do

  • One-by-one assignments
  • Block-assignments
  • Multi-select assignments
This is enables through highly interactive search and list facility along with selection, de-selection, select all in the page, select all of search results etc…

Automated Assignment and Allocation

There are host of automatic allocation methods. This includes

  • Circular assignments
  • Load-based assignments
  • Business rule based assignments. 
Post the auto-assignments, one can have the manual intervention to fine-tune the assignment.