Planning and Target Setting

Planning and Target Setting

Set up business standards for employee, businesses, customers, channels, locations, products and lot more.  Make targets ranging from effort to business results. Ensure early warning signals and leading indicators to make your business fail-safe. Plan for all stages ranging from effort to outcome.

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Planning, Targets and Standard for Customer, Sales, Service, Product, Employee and Channel 

CRM4SURE gives you one of the most powerful and flexible planning capabilities for your organization. You can set up plans, targets and standards for any entity like customer, leads, employee, product, channel, location, service etc .and at any level for input figures. you can set up different parameters on which employee can do planning on weekly , monthly , quarterly or yearly basis

Custom Business Planning and Target Setting Modes

With CRM4SURE you can not only plan your Week Month and year in advance on different parameters, it also enables you to make ad-hoc plans on time to time basis as configured by the administrator like 1-7th, 10th-15th etc. CRM4SURE gives you the complete flexibility to configure your planning calendar according to the needs of the organization.

Business Goals and Standards Rules & Principles

CRM4SURE also allows you to set up rules for goal and standards setting for e.g till what time every month planning window will remain open, whether the plan can be approved by immediate supervisor, if the supervisor can make changes in the plan or not etc. As per your objectives you can also add or remove the entities for which you want to do planning making it one and only platform across the CRM space to provide such a functionality.

Reporting on Customer-Sales-Employee-Business Unit Planning vs. Performance

That is not all, since CRM4SURE has unmatched inbuilt reporting capabilities as well, the planning data is further used to gives you a total picture of what is done vis-à-vis what was supposed to be done.

You can analyse the grey area for any department and take corrective measures, suggest the necessary changes to the concerned departments or entities.CRM4SURE attempts at closing the loop in any process from all aspects to achieve greater efficiency and speed.