Daily Activity Report

Daily Activity Report

Capture work done by staff with Daily Sales Report, Customer Report, Collections Report, Service Report, Field Visit Report, Logistics Report, and so on.  Track each activity, its outcome, next action, next follow-up date, location visited, person met and remarks. Ensure field staff consistency and performance.

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Daily Activity Report module provides you an unmatched capability to capture a wide range of activities in Sales, Service, Collections, Channel, Customers, Marketing and other functions in a highly flexible and intuitive manner. You can capture the real information in real-time as your staff talks to customers on telephone or meets them in the field. Here are some examples, which showcase on how you can custom-design the interface for your employees-channels:

Daily Sales-Customer-Lead Activity Report

  • Name of the Customer met 
  • Date and time of meeting the customer
  • Action done with the customer (showing company video, introducing new products, providing free samples)
  • Outcome (customer is interested, customer not interested, customer asked to come later)
  • Next Action (Make a demo for the customer, Collect customer requirements, arrange for initial stock)
  • Next Follow-up Date
  • Current work-stage in closing the deal (initial, demo, negotiation, closure)
  • Potential of the lead (Hot, Warm, Cold, Dead, Closed)
  • Remarks

Daily Retail Dealer-Distributor Field Visit Activity Report

  • Name of the Dealer Visited
  • Date and time of the field visit
  • Actions done (planogram-product display tracking, dealer issues captured, dealer training conducted..)
  • Details of the product display
  • Details of the dealer issues
  • Details of the training conducted
  • Next Action (details of stock order to be sent, additional training session to be conducted...)
  • Next Visit Date
  • Remarks
  • Person Met
  • Field Images and Files

Daily Customer Service-complaint-query Activity Report

  • Name of the customer
  • Customer Service Request Category
  • Customer Service-Complaint-Query Request Code
  • Activity done on the service request (address changed, telephone changed, duplicate statement sent...)
  • Change in the status of the service request/complaint/query (Responded, Initiated, In-progress, closed, On-hold...)
  • Change in the work-stage of the complaint resolution workflow (Statement Printing, Statement Dispatch, Receipt..)
  • Comments
  • Reference Documents

Daily Collections-Receivables Field Activity Report

  • The name of the defaulting Client
  • The date and time of the field visit
  • Outcome (Customer refused to pay, customer promised to pay, customer partly paid, customer paid fully...)
  • Details, if customer promised to pay (Promised date of payment, Amount, Mode)
  • Details, if customer paid (Amount, Mode)
  • Next Action (Re-possession, Legal, Follow-up)
  • Follow-up Date
  • Remarks