Daily Work Discipline Management

Daily Work Discipline Management

Set-up sales, service and customer, and other business related work schedules, calendar and tasks. Manage activity norms and frequency and ensure an enterprise discipline. Ensure a well-organized  front-end machinery, where employee know what they have to do and when.

Sales, Service, Channel and Customer Related Activity Management

Most of the field or front-end employees needs to follow a daily-weekly-monthly discipline. A tight and disciplined DWM can results in smooth operations, with less managerial overload. DWM module enables you to centrally set-up the Daily work Management requirements (For example to meet 3 customers daily and visit 5 channels every week) for every role. The user of that role can see and download his DWM. Based on data from multiple integrated sources, CRM4SURE can intelligently track the adherence to the Daily Work Management of an employee

Organization wide Work Discipline and Consistency

Daily work management is a standard practice which defines

  • What are the kind of activities that should be carried out as part of job responsibilities
  • At what level they should be executed?
  • How frequently they should be done?
  • How they should be done? 
The daily work management can be defined starting from a junior executive to Ceo level.  

Enterprise Activity and Work Management Tracking

CRM4SURE does not only lets you set the work-standards for daily activity management, but it also helps you track the adherence to same. You can track at organization wide level whether the defined work practices are being followed or not. Using the daily activity report, performance dashboard and other methods, you can have a view on the extent to which the desired discipline is being followed by your front-end teams.

Employee Work Calendars, Schedules and Tasks

Every employee of your organization can set-up sales, service and other business work related calendars, schedules and tasks. CRM4Sure has inbuilt organizer, which can help you to manage your day, week and month, and it is fully integrated with the other modules. So you can set-up your to-dos related to a specific customer or channel. You can set-up appointments related to given channel and receivable.