Geo-location GPS Tracking

Geo-location GPS Tracking

Ensure real-time sales and field employee geo-location tracking. CRM4SURE supports gps tracking as well as other methods like cell tower based tracking as well. It is integrated with Google maps, so to effectively map employee movement. Get online notification and alerts on employee movement.

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Employee Geo-Location Based Movement

This CRM4SURE module goes far beyond typical geo-location tracking. Our back-ground running program, does the location tracking of the movement of our field staff. It can provide all sort of notification and alerts, to enable a supervisor do a real time intervention with the activities of field employee.

Real time Field GPS Tracking with Google Maps

CRM4SURE is completely integrated with google maps so all the employee movement on the field can also be watched on map with real-time feeds. It automatically stores the location of user at a predefined interval. The interval can also be configured by the administrator as per the needs and requirements of the business.

Supervisor Panel for Employee Geo-Location Tracking 

CRM4Sure provides a 360 degree view of Employee Geo-Location movement. A manager can view a summary information for all his employees, where he can see critical information in terms of number of locations visited, average time of stopping at a location, average traveling time between locations, average speed of travel etc. Each Summary information is supported by the detailed movement report, available both in tabular form or on google maps.