EMM Enterprise Mobility

EMM Enterprise Mobility

Get full-scale EMM or Enterprise Mobility Management solution. This capability can be used for sales, service, collections, logistics and other field functions, to ensure that all key CRM features are available on mobile. A field employee can get and provide all information on his on his fingertips.

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Web Based

CRM4SURE provides fully mobility capability for the users. Not only we provide the most needed daily activity report capture capability, a user can access almost all functions & features right on his mobile (Notifications & alerts, Knowledge Management, Learning Management, Home-Page, Geo-Location Track, Daily Work Management and so on). The mobility solution works on all major operating systems and can be provided both in online and offline (with synch) versions

iOS, Android or Blackberry App

With CRM4SURE mobility solutions you can never be out of touch with the entities in your organization like employees, customers , channel etc.  CRM4SURE work as a mobile optimized web version as well as apps for popular mobile OS like Android, IOS, Blackberry. CRM4SURE doesnot even needs an always on internet connection to function fully on mobile. CRM4SURE stores whatever data available or entered on mobile itself and whenever there is an internet connection available the data automatically synchs itself from the server.