Knowledge and Content Management

Knowledge and Content Management

Significantly increase employee effectiveness, least cost and effort of training. KM platform has world-class features like Encyclopedia, Knowledge Channels, Tips, FAQs, Templates, Videos, Personalization, Search & Navigation and whole lot more. Seamlessly integrate CRM with content repository.

Context Sensitive Integrated Knowledge and Content Management

CRM4SURE has fully integrated world class Knowledge-Management platform. It makes the employee learning highly content sensitive, and when he needs it the most. It can significantly increase employee effectiveness, with far less cost and effort of training. Based on the performance levels, tenure and other competencies of an employee, you can assign relevant content to him. 

World-class knowledge and Content Repository Features

Knowledge management platform has world-class features like Encyclopedia (Sections-Chapters-Topics), Knowledge Channels (Tips, FAQs, Templates, Videos…), Personalization (Home Page, Content Priority, User-Based Assignment, Feedback on Content), Search & Navigation (2-Click Drill-Down, Tag Based, Key-Word Based, Latest Additions, Most Popular) and whole lot more.

Role Based Knowledge

CRM4SURE intelligently detects the need of any user on the basis of function, role, level, tenure in the organization for etc e.g. if new user logs in to the system identifies it as a new employee and shows him the modules which are only relevant to him.

Self-Navigating Portal

Knowledge management is a complete Knowledge tree which lets the user drill down or drill aross any topic of his interest. It is also completely flexible and  configurable from the front end. Administrator can assign Knowledge management modules on the basis of user level, role, time duration etc. users can also partly learn the module and restart their session from where they left.

Since the module recommendations are on the basis of needs of the users. CRM4SURE can also help you analyze the impact on the productivity of user after going through the modules.