Employee Learning & Development

Employee Learning & Development

LMS platform ensures personalized and cost-effective employee learning and development. You can build Interactive learning modules of text, audio, video and presentations. Embed feature-rich quizzes and question-banks for validation with a 360 degree view of Training scorecard.

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Employee Learning and Development Modules

Learning Management System platform ensures that Employee is going through systematic as well as need-based learning. You can create a wide range of modules with sequenced content. You can save and restart a learning module, re-learn a module. 

Highly Configurable Online Learning Quizzes and tests

One can embed quizzes in the employee online training modules either in the middle or end of the module. You can have all possible question formats (Multiple Choice, Multi-select, true or false). Every answer can also generate prompts on if employee answer was correct or incorrect, along with explanation. One or multiple online tests can be assigned to the user and the same can be notified through alerts. The questions are generated randomly through a question bank, which ensures that there is a real re-learning and testing.

Context Senstive Assignment of Employee online Training Modules

User can be assigned different modules online or he can go through the test again learning dashboard can be displayed on homepage and can be shared with his supervisor with automated and trigger based mails.

Tracking Learning Exercises

Learning management includes various kind of modules and methodologies. Administrator can assign quizzes on the basis of test files, audio files, videos etc. CRM4SURE has a world class technology which can also track how much information from any content has been read,whether the module is complete etc.

Employee Learning and Development Home Page-Dashboard

The best part if that your Employee online Learning and Training dashboard can be viewed vis-à-vis performance trends to measure the effectiveness of development efforts. You can see the history of the learning modules assigned to the employees, the modules studied and test scores.