Master Data Management

Master Data Management

Get ultimate flexibility in master data management for Sales, Leads, Customer, Employees, Locations, Products, Channels, Collectibles, Service Request and lot more.  Create new masters as per need, configure additional attributes with validations, Set-up hierarchies and unlimited  classifications and tags.

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Unlimited Master tables, with 50+ predefined formats

You can add unlimited number of masters/entities with Master-on-the-Fly capability including channel, customers, leads, service request, location, product master data. CRM4SURE works as a central repository of all your master tables, with over fifty predefined universal formats, to help you quick-start your implementation.

Flexible Customer, Channel and Employee Master Contact Management

With its world class architecture CRM4SURE allows you to capture as many details on any entity as you want. You can choose to capture different types contact fields like customer landline number, customer mobile number, contact person etc. You can add multiple customer addresses like mailing address, office address, residential address, billing address and shipping address.

Add Unlimited attributes along with configurable validations

CRM4SURE is a completely configurable platform where administrator can easily set up any additional fields required as per the needs of the business from the front end itself. Administrator can also put up any kind of validations on the additional fields e.g numeric or alphabet, date, drop down value etc.

Set-up parallel & cross & Matrix hierarchies with unlimited levels

This unique feature allows you to set-up hierarchy for any kind of entity  for Customer, Channel, Employee, Vendor, Locations, Products and any other entity. You can also set-up parallel and matrix hierarchies to address your unique business situation.

Effective Customer, lead and Channel Segmentation and Profiling  

CRM4SURE gives you freedom to define your customer, channel, employee, product, leads and any other entity with unlimited number of tags, classifications and categories. You can do effective profiling and segmentation for a sophisticated customer relationship management.

Custom-Configure Master Data Repository

CRM4SURE has a unique ability to capture different attributes for the same master. You can  capture different information for a corporate lead as compared to a retail lead. You can capture different details on a lead in one location as compared to a same kind of lead in other location.