Ms-Outlook Integration

Ms-Outlook Integration

Complete integration with MS- outlook in terms on Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and Emails. Any mailing or organizer activities happening in CRM solution gets synched with outlook platform. Apart from MS-outlook link, get a captive mailing and organizer platform within CRM4SURE

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CRM to MS-Outlook Integration

CRM4SURE is fully integrated with MS-outlook platform, and it can seamlessly work with the exchange server or directly with your MS-outlook client. In this way, an enterprise has a virtual work organizer, where you can manage mailing, calendar, tasks and contacts across CRM platform and Enterprise outlook.

Customer Contacts Replication in MS-outlook

A contact-lead created in CRM4SURE can be ported to MS outlook as a contact with the contact information of name, address and contact details. The same is applicable for the contact details of existing customers.

CRM Tasks integration with Microsoft outlook Tasks

A task created in CRM4Sure can be ported to MS outlook as a task. Any change in the task status in CRM4SURE will also be automatically updated. The fields for integration is task name, start-date, end-date, task status and task details.

CRM Calendar integration with Microsoft Calendar

A calendar entry created in Calendar is automatically sent to the MS-outlook server of your enterprise. This includes an appointment as well as any other calendar entry. The details include Start time and date, end time and date, entry description and place of appointment.