360 Degree Customer View

360 Degree Customer View

CRM4SURE provides single 360 degree customer view as one unified database for marketing, sales and service. Get a single view of leads, channels, locations and employees. View your customer leads, current relationships, payment status, service history, references and much more in a unified interface.

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CRM User Personalization through Home Page

CRM4SURE provides you all your important information at your home page like your today’s customer follow ups, tomorrows follow up, sales reports, field daily work management activities etc. which is also fully configurable. A user can configure what he wants to see at his home screen. System also gives you a complete end to end view of any entity in the company.

360 degree Single Customer, Employee, Location and Channel View

Since CRM4SURE is a single platform which caters to the needs of all functions in an organization You can generate single view of any entity at any level. You an also configure what kind of information you want to see in a customer single view for e.g you can see all service requests related to a customer, all interactions done by any employees on customer, customer profile, any self leads or references generated by the customer etc.

Flexible View

An organization might have 100 different types of information for any entity, but user can decide what is the most important for his own set of work responsibilities. It offers a complete flexibility to user to select what kind of information you want to see at your homepage.

Even when viewing leads or customers a user can select what are the fields he wants to see and in what sequence. This allows employees to view what is important to them and take necessary actions with ease and comfort.