External Third Party Access

External Third Party Access

Provide direct access to your vendors, and channel partners to view and provide information. Bring 360 degree business environment on one platform and create transparency in operations, sales, services etc.. Get seamlessly connected to your key stakeholders and network partners.

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Channel, Vendor, Dealer, Distributor CRM Access

CRM4SURE also enables you to provide access to CRM platform to your vendors, distributors, channel partners etc. It can help you bring your whole environment on one platform and create transparency in operations, sales, services etc. to help senior members get a real time view of what’s happening at the ground level.

CRM4SURE understands that in today's ever changing business environment an organization can become successful when it brings all the members on the same platform. It gives you an opportunity to bring all the internal as well as extern al agaencies on the same platform so that you can get a a holistic view of your operations.

Real time External Data Collaboration-

With a single system there is no dependency on integration with other system, no efforts are required for syncing data between various systems, all the data s available on a real time basis and the necessary information can be extracted as and when required.

For e.g you can configure CRM4SURE to give access to your channel partners with authorized access to their brokeage statements, their clients accounts statements, they can raise service request from the portal etc. I can greatly help you to increase your turn around time for resolving any complaint  or responding to any queries raised by your partners or customers.