Field Trip-Tour-Travel Planning

Field Trip-Tour-Travel Planning

Execute intelligent sales, service and field tour-route planning. Do trip-planning and coverage strategy on customers, collectibles, channels and locations based on business rules. Plan-out field movement routes on monthly and daily basis. Get real-time reports on trip plan vs. actual coverage.

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CRM Sales and Service Trip-Tour Plan

Using CRM4SURE, an employee can plan on monthly basis, sales and service trip-tour plan. Primarily Field Sales and Service travel plan can be made based on multiple criteria like importance of the customer, the frequency with which the customer needs to be contacted, how much amount needs to be collected from the defaulting customer etc... 

Daily Field Employee Travel-contact plan

Post the monthly coverage strategy, one can work-out daily tour plan for an employee with additional parameters (like pending follow-ups, stocks needing replenishment…). One can also mark the sequence of trip plan. Apart from planning the contacts which need to be made, one can also mark the sequence of trip plan.

Comparing Customer Contact Plan Vs Actual

Employee can make his own daily trip plan as well as the same can be assigned by the supervisor. Administrator can also configure the parameters on which the trip plan is to be made. Trip plan is directly related to universal activity report and on a daily basis system shows on homepage what is the planned vs Actual trip.