User Security & Administration

Security & Role-Based Access

CRM4SURE is a highly secure platform. It is fully tested against public web access vulnerability. Apart from role based access to menu options and forms, manage rule-based access to data operations. There is a complete LDAP integration as well as on-demand encrypted storage.

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Customer Relationship Management Data Security- User Role Based

CRM4SURE platform provides one of the most comprehensive and secure access matrix. Not only one can have a user role based access to specific menu options and forms, one can also manage the access to data based on entity categories (a user can see only corporate customers) or the operations which you can do within a given form (For example, one can update the status of a task but cannot change the start date).

Business User Access to Read and Add System Data

User matrix gives different kind of rights to access the system at different levels of the organization. You can grant different kind of access to people to allow them to read/write/edit any data points CRM4SURE maintains a complete user log and session history to make sure that there is no unauthorized access to the system.

Multiple roles assignment with sub set and super-set

You can define roles and the kind of access you want to give them, create custom and special roles on the fly, configure access controls for third parties as well as employees. CRM4SURE also allows you to assign one or multiple roles to any user and the access is given on the basis of subset and super-set of rights.

System Data Encryption  with LDAP Integration for Single Sign-on

As a business you can define the system data-sets which you would like to have the encrypted storage for. CRM4SURE team can enable that encryption for you on the fly. CRM4SURE is fully MS LDAP integrated. In this way you can have this platform as part of your single user sign-on layer.