Business Process Work-Flow

Business Process Work-Flow

CRM4SURE BPM enables work-flows linked to any master or transaction. You can manage flow of leads, customer registrations, service requests, channel development, training, orders and many more. One can configure unlimited work-flow levels, work-stages and rule-based auto movement.

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All domains including Sales, Service, Risk, Collection, Logistics, Channel and Events management required a flexible workflow. CRM4SURE provides a highly adaptive work-flow capability which is integrated with all other features.

Flexible Business Process workflows and stages

With CRM4SURE you can configure unlimited number of workflows for any entity or process. you can also set up approvals and allocations on the basis of workflows. Your employees can quickly identify their current tasks along with things such as due date, TAT and priority etc. You can identify workload on your employees and make automated allocations of any new task received on the basis of queue, workload, location etc.

Process Workflow Turnaround Time (TAT) Management

CRM4SURE provides you the opportunity to improve underlying business process by setting process time benchmarks. You can greatly increase customer interaction levels of your organization, make your employees more productive and make your process more time bound and employee friendly. For example you can establish Sales Lead stage movement TAT, Service Request Process TAT and Complaint Resolution and Response TAT.

Sales, Service, logistics and other business Work Flows History

CRM4SURE stores a complete record of work stage movements, activities done on work flows, dates of movements etc. you can track complete history of any entity. It helps you to keep a complete audit check on any entity in organization.

Conditional Process Workflow

With CRM4SURE you can also create conditional workflows. Your organization might not need to follow a same standard workflow while dealing with different situation or entities e.g. you can configure a work flow where a retail sales lead passes through 4 stages but you might choose to have only 3 stages for a corporate sales lead.

Business Rules for Escalations

With CRM4SURE you can also set up rules for escalations and follow ups. You can set up rules for leads processing, Service Requests, complaints, Queries escalations You can choose multiple level of escalations in an organization depending upon the severity of the entity or the category of the case. E.g. you can set up a escalation rule for a lead which has been in the same stage for more than 7 days, you can create escalation rule for not resolved service request with-in 3 days etc you can also set up different kind of rules for different kind of customers.