Customer Service Management

Customer Service Management

Delightful customer service is core to customer retention..

Topics in Customer Service Management : -

Customer Service and Support Overview

This page provides the business objectives, business questions, definition and success factors related to customer service and support.

Customer Service and Support - Strategic and Non-Operational Role

Customer Service and Support can be used for non-operational and strategic roles. This includes cross-sell, up-sell, campaign introduction, feedback surveys, process improvement and product design improvements.

Supply Chain for Customer Service and Support

Customer service and support supply chain is of a different order. First is urgency- where a faulty product disrupts customer's life and needs to be attended to and secondly, you may not get any money to fix the issues. Smart organization understands that supply chain for customer service is as important as that for order fulfillment.

Customer Knowledge and Organizational Knowledge

For a good customer service and support function, it is important that you know the relevant areas of your organization and also about customer profile along with the history of his transactions with you.