Customer Knowledge and Organizational Knowledge  

Customer Service Management

Delightful customer service is core to customer retention..

Customer Knowledge and Organizational Knowledge

For a good customer service and support function, it is important that you know the relevant areas of your organization and also about customer profile along with the history of his transactions with you.

A customer service and support function needs to understand the customer world to understand what he wants and knowledge of your world to provide him what he wants.

Knowledge of the customer's world includes:

Customer Profile

  • Demographic
  • Professional
  • Financial
  • Life-style
  • Family- important dates
  • Risk profile of the customer

This information helps you to be sensitive to the customer's back-ground and also helps in cross-sell or up-sell

Customer's relationships with your organization

  • The products purchased by the customers
  • The value of relationships
  • The tenure of relationships
  • Any attrition history with any specific relationship

Customer Transactions and Service History

  • The billings and payment history
  • The service requests by the customer and their status

Knowledge of your world includes

General information on products and processes

  • Products and their features
  • Key processes related to delivering on service requests
  • Key people to contact in case of any issues

Communication Scripts

  • What promises to make and what promises not to make.
  • FAQs on handling various queries and requests
  • How to handle the customer's moods and state of mind? How to become a mind reader