Customer Value and Profitability

Customer Value and Profitability

Its finally the shareholder who rules. Customer value and profitability is fine-tuned to maximize the value out of a customer.

Topics in Customer Value and Profitability : -

Customer Value and Profitability-Overview

Customer Value and Profitability is the current or potential contribution to the shareholder value by a customer or customer segment. One needs to have robust modeling and cost/revenue monitoring systems to have a reliable information. The core challenge stays in terms of designing your actions to enhance the customer value and implementing them.

Customer Value and Profitability related Tips and Actions

As you design your actions to enhance customer value and profitability, you need to balance the extent to which you will stratify and differentiate your products and services. Too much differentiation can be counter-productive. One also needs to have end-to-end strategy spanning your products, delivery, sales, post-sales etc, instead of taking independent actions.

Customer Value and Profitability Data Management

Customer value and profitability data is not a production data in true sense, but it still needs to be well integrated with the production data related to the customers. This is needed so that we can track the progress on customer value, post our actions to enhance the same. We also need to keep on re-validating the linkage between the customer value and customer parameters.

Customer Value and Profitability- Business Intelligence

The key areas of analytics are to validate the co-relation between the customer parameters and customer value, building predictive analysis on impact of your actions on customer value and finally tracking the actual impact of your actions on customer value.