Data Management Tools

This section provides evaluation features on the core Data Management tools. These tools are not dedicated to Business Intelligence but serve the whole data and information environment. Metadata Management tools is first in the list of chapters.

Chapters In Data Management Tools : -

Metadata Management Tools

This chapter provides the details on Metadata Management tools, in terms of architecture, accesses & sharing, project support and Administration. Please refer the section of Generic Vendor-Tool Evaluation\n to complete the picture.

Data Integration Tools

DI tools will have sub-domains like ETL, Data Migration and Data Synchronization. These features will be supported by a robust and industrial strength processing and services-based architecture. Data Integration is not only a BI subject, but it touches the entire systems and IT landscape of an organization. Therefore the DI tools will need to address the OLTP as well as BI needs.

Data Quality Tools

Data Quality tools include a combination of Data Quality Monitoring, Data Searching and Matching, Data Correction & cleansing and Data Augmentation & Enrichment. The key to Data Quality tools is their ability to merge with other tool-sets and provide a seamless utilization of data quality services.

Master Data Management Tools

Master Data Management is relatively a new subject. Master Data Management includes foundation and transaction layers, which provides services related to entities, products and accounts. MDM is not limited to BI and in its true potential should be primarily used for operational purposes.